In lots of Slovenian teams specific group-specific heritage survive

In lots of Slovenian teams specific group-specific heritage survive

One of those try miklavz evanje, celebrations out of sv. Miklavz or the dated St. Nick’s feast when the a saint, outfitted since a beneficial bishop and you can with angels and you can parkelji (absolutely nothing devils), check outs Slovenian teams, exhorts college students to get a, and directs gifts, constantly from a beneficial throne make the center of the phase. Vintage celebrations ( trgatve ) at the athletics facilities otherwise areas along with national places attract merrymakers, with dance or interacting with each other significantly less than groups out of appealing red grapes; people who grab him or her as they are caught by „police,“ is actually


June 25 is popular so you can mark the nation’s freedom in the former Yugoslav Federation. Slovenian Us americans also celebrate The fresh new Year’s Date, Catholic Easter and you may Christmas, as well as the meal times of various new orleans saints regarding the Catholic schedule.

Health issues

Slovenian society have emphasized the value of well being. Perhaps one of the most seem to quoted sayings claims, “ Zdravje je najvec je bogastvo „-„Wellness is the best money.“ Pursuing the Czech lead, the most important Slovenian teens teams, which integrated „youngsters“ fifty or 70 years of age, was indeed the new Eagles ( Orli ) as well as the Falcons ( Sokoli ). It accompanied an ancient Roman guideline as his or her very own motto,“ Mens sana in the corpore sano „-„An effective heathy attention from inside the a healthy body,“ paying attention to development of one another an excellent reputation and you can fitness. Productive contribution from inside the athletics, gymnastics, strolls, nature hikes, rock-climbing, and you will various recreations, as well as skiing, sign up for health. Alcohol based drinks and you can smoking, as well, had been one of the unhealthy techniques where large numbers of Slovenians indulge.

In america, overcrowded boarding houses and you can life during the depressing urban areas having air, liquid, and you may audio toxic contamination shared a separate form of health hazards getting early immigrants. In urban centers particularly material mills and you will coal mines, work-related risks lurked to have workers. Many often educated unavoidable crashes, enhanced contamination, extremes away from heat and you will cold, and you can toxic contamination with coal dirt ultimately causing black colored lung state you to dramatically shortened living of many miners. In some exploration metropolitan areas, of Pennsylvania to help you Wyoming, there was a surprising absence of more mature males; as well as their widows endure that have simply their smaller homes and you will lowest old-age retirement benefits to pay them due to their families‘ share from inside the building a far more prosperous America.

Due to the fact working and you may traditions requirements has actually fundamentally enhanced, and some good health patterns learned during the childhood enjoys persisted, medical and psychological state out of Slovenian Us citizens happens to be comparable compared to that off most other Us americans. It’s unsure even in the event natural home remedies, eg a small pharmacy off healing plants that lots of Slovenian immigrant households maintained, was basically among the many adding what to most readily useful fitness. A reason from „a little top“ than just „national wellness“ is actually achieved by Dr. Sylvia J. O’Kicki, exactly who checked out several Slovenian Americans that have comparable cohorts chosen from the National Health Interviews Survey out-of 1985. She claims inside Ethnicity and you will Wellness one to „when the gang of Slovene People in america without having any mention of brand new quantity of ethnicity are than the national Western shot they disagree definitely when you look at the fitness status together with habit of health behaviors. Those who are positively mixed up in heritage and you will traditions from the latest ethnic group statement a very beneficial wellness position and practice away from even more positive wellness practices.“

Overall, there clearly was a good reong earlier immigrants who had been exposed to negative standards and you will problems that couple you may thought now. Post-World war ii refugees as well as experienced numerous years of deprivations, challenges away from go camping lifetime, and you may some this new trouble within the a mystical brand new nation, which kept them actually and you will psychologically exhausted and you will penniless. A lot of them even survived passing camps such as Dachau; two of them, Milan Zajec and you may Honest Dejak, miraculously fled from a beneficial communist bulk grave.